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Product information:

Power mode: USB
Function: - 1, others
Applicable area: 11 ㎡ (inclusive) - 20 ㎡ (inclusive)
Shape: square
Noise: below 36dB
Timing function: 2-8 hours
Water tank capacity: 4-6 L (including)
Water shortage and power failure protection: Yes
Operation mode: key
Color: white, light grey, black
Appearance dimension: 229 * 110 * 127mm

Spray settings:
1. Place the product on a stable desktop, and connect the DC plug of the adapter to the jack at the bottom of the product;
2. Connect the power adapter with the household power socket for power supply;
3. Remove the product water tank cover upwards and add water to the water tank with a water cup or other container. Please be careful not to exceed the maximum water level mark;
4. 3-5 "drops" of Jing Huai or perfume can be added according to personal preference;
5. When the water tank cap is covered, it must be in place to start the machine;
6. If too much water is added for the -- times, the fog amount will decrease. If water is added less, the fog amount will increase
7. The technical spray/timing button opens the spray mode, and sets the spray duration according to your actual needs.

Light settings:
1. Press the light button briefly to turn on the LED light, which is highlighted by default. Press it briefly again to switch to medium light, low light, and press it briefly to turn off the light for the fourth time.
2. The product light can be manually turned on or off separately. If the spray time is set or the water tank is short of water, the product will automatically turn off, including the spray and light functions
Close when.

Packing list:

Aromatherapy machine * 1 +Remote control * 1 (with battery)

Firelight Speaker & Humidifier

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